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C-28 Epoxy kit at Tom's Cypress

The Epoxy Finish - A Two Part
Polymer Finish

C-28 Epoxy

Gallon Kit $80.00 
Single Case (4 gal.) $195.00
10 Cases at a time (per case) $185.00
Add $12.00 per case for 1/2 gal. bottles

We challenge you to find a
comparable product at a lower price.

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Our C-28 epoxy is a versatile product and may be applied over almost any surface, rough or smooth. It may be applied over leather, wood, varnish, ceramics, rocks, dried flowers, shells, and many other items.

One gallon will cover approximately 30-35 sq. ft.

It should be used in a room where the humidity is under 60% and the temperature is at least 75°F-85°F when pouring. If you set the resin bottle (white cap bottle) in hot water for 10 minutes, you will have a thinner mixture and fewer bubbles will appear on the object being poured. Be very careful not to get any water into the epoxy!

A seal coat is required in order to prevent air from escaping into the fluid. To seal coat, brush or scrape a thin layer of epoxy on the item. Wait until dry and then you are ready to apply a flood coat.

Measure exactly equal parts of resin and hardner for mixing. When mixing, stir vigorously for about 2 minutes. In order to insure a beautifully finished product, it is extremely important that the resin and hardener are thoroughly mixed. Pour over the surface as soon as mixing is finished. After a few minutes, bubbles may rise to the surface. They may be broken by sweeping a propane torch rapidly across the surface at a distance of about 6" from the surface.

The epoxy should be stored in a dry place between 75°F to 80°F and out of the reach of children, and should be used within one year of purchase.

Before starting on your project, we strongly recommend that you do a test piece to help you become familiar with this type of product, and for you to decide whether this will be the right product for the project you are doing.

For more detailed instructions, please view our "Printable Instructions" above.